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 Welcome to Jolly Bites Blog managed by Jolly Rockets Intimates.  We hope that you will find many different items to spark your interest.  We offer resources to spark a deeper sensual understanding of your sexual desires.

When looking for ways to heighten your gratification from sexual contact it is always best to start with candid contemplation and conversation with all consenting adults involved.  When you choose to experiment with different variations on what items to bring to the bedroom, whether alone or with others, there must be an open flow of communication and open-mindedness.  All of the items on this site have intended uses and we hope that you will find several different items to meet your needs.

We at Jolly Rockets Intimates want you to take your time and explore the many different items we have available on our site and wish you many new pleasurable experiences as you interact with the thousands of toys, lubricants and sexual aids you will find here.

~Peter Einme


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